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100+ GK Questions And Answers On Indian Railways For Exam

Welcome to, In this, we have given Latest and Important Railway GK Questions for those learners who are preparing for Railway Exams. In this post, I have updated the most important questions answers around the Indian Railway with the latest current affairs questions and answers about many topics covered related to Indian Railway.   GK Questions And Answers On… Read More »

GK Quiz on Indian Geography: General Geography & Physical Features Set 1

Welcome to, Are you find Gk Quiz on indian Geography, this Quiz is  Very useful for all competitive exams. India is a land of diversity in all manners. From culture, economy, and even the landscape of India has diverse elements, all on one landmass. The wide range of physical features of India makes the country a complete… Read More »

General knowledge Questions and Answers on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

General knowledge Questions and Answers on Coronavirus (COVID-19): Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Since January, when the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had identified a new virus and declared its outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, COVID-19 has dominated headlines—and our daily lives. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19… Read More »

List of Prime Ministers of India

Are You Finding the list of List of Prime Ministers of India? You come to Right Place. Here we Providing List of Prime Ministers of India. This Topic is most important to all competitive exams. Many questions are asked for this topic. Let’s Beginning the Article:> List of Prime Minister of India: Overview The Prime Minister of India… Read More »

GK Question and Answer on India Polity 2021

Are You Finding the list of GK Question and Answer on India Polity 2021? You come to Right Place. Here we providing all infomation for this Topic. This topic is Most importan for all competitive exams. You read this article and get confirm 2 to 3 marks in your competitive exam. Let’s Start Article:> GK Question and Answer… Read More »

GK Quiz on Bhagat Singh with Answers

GK Quiz on Bhagat Singh – Bhagat Singh is always regarded as the hero of the Indian independence movement. He was born in Punjab and died at the age of 23. He is still celebrated as a Hero all over India. His name will be remembered forever in Indian History. Check out our GK Quiz on Bhagat Singh and keep yourself… Read More »

Earth Day Quiz 2020: GK Questions and answers on Nature Earth

Earth day 2020 is organised every year throughout the world. We have published this set of 8 questions on the earth day; this set is essential for various competitive exams to be held in India. 1. When is earth day observed?(a) 20 March(b) 22 April(c) 5 June(d) 24 SeptemberAnswer: (b) 22 AprilDescription: The Earth day is observed on 22 April… Read More »

World GK-(General Knowledge) Questions and Answers updated on Apr 2020

World GK-General Knowledge Questions and Answers updated on Apr 2020 (1). Which of the following countries was not part of the Soviet Union in 1991? Ans : Yugoslavia (2). The land Yugoslavia was divided into 7 countries?  Which of the following is not part of the former Yugoslavia?     Ans : Armenia (3). Where would you find… Read More »

GK Questions – Basic General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2020

These are very important and latest GK Questions and general awareness 2020 questions for all competitive exams like IAS, Bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS, UPSC exams and all state-related exam. 1. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Central Board of Indirect taxes and Customs (CBIC)? [A]Johnjoseph[B]VanajaN.Sarna[C]MahenderSingh[D] S RameshAns .   D: S Ramesh 2. Who has… Read More »