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Top 10 Richest Countries in the World 2022

Welcome to Naukriradar, in this post we will give you complate info about Top 10 richest countries in the world 2022: China has surpassed the United States as the wealthiest nation in the world, according to a recent report by McKinsey & Co. Understanding the monetary scene of different nations will assist you as you with planning for worldwide… Read More »

Top 10 Famous Temples in India You Should Visit 2022

Welcome to Naukriradar, Hey Everyone today we will explain you and give you complete information about Top 10 Famous Temples in India, richest temples in India is known for its temples – beautiful, serene places of worship – significant religious and historic landmarks. These ancient, intricately designed and faithfully maintained places of worship are a must-visit for devotees… Read More »

100+ Uttarakhand GK Questions And Answers

Welcome to Naukriradar, in This Post We will Discus about ‘100+Uttarakhand GK Questions And Answers‘ You’ll find Uttarakhand GK Questions and Answers that will help you to sit for Competitive Exams like UKSSSC, UKPSC, UPSC State Exams, and also for boosting your Knowledge. So Start learn each of these highly Important Questions of Uttarakhand GK for upcoming competitive examinations 2022… Read More »

List Of Nickname Of Indian Cities 2022

Welcome to Naukriradar, Are You looking for Nickname of Indian cities? Well, You came to the right place! Nicknames of many cities in India have been known historically, officially, and unofficially, to outsiders and locals, or their tourism chambers of commerce. Nicknames of Indian Cities The nicknames of the below mentioned Indian cities are associated with their unique characteristics… Read More »

List of Folk Dances of Different States in india

Welcome to, Hello Guys, in this article we will discuss about List of Folk Dances of Different States in India, This article is fully based on upcoming Competitive govt exams. From the topic “List of Folk Dances of Different States in India,” one or two questions regularly asked in government exams. Therefore we request our all aspirants… Read More »

List Of Blue States And Red States In U.S. 2022

Welcome to, here we will give information about List Of Blue States And Red States In U.S. Before you read the Blue States and the Red States list, let’s find out how the naming of a state with color started! The Blue States and the Red States are referred to as states of the United States whose voters predominantly… Read More »

100+ GK Questions And Answers On Indian Railways For Exam

Welcome to, In this, we have given Latest and Important Railway GK Questions for those learners who are preparing for Railway Exams. In this post, I have updated the most important questions answers around the Indian Railway with the latest current affairs questions and answers about many topics covered related to Indian Railway.   GK Questions And Answers On… Read More »

List of Government Banks in India 2021-2022

Welcome to, Are you finding a List of Government Banks or Public Sector Banks in India. Here we are providing a list of goverment banks or public sector banks in india. Government Banks or Public Sector Banks are the banks that are owned by the Government of the day. In such banks, the Government of the country is the major… Read More »